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French “Photo Retouched” health warning.

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Yesterday one of our head retouchers Larissa, was interviewed by a syndey radio station in relation to the new French bill that is being tabled by Valerie Boyer a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP party, to impose a health warning “Photo Retouched”  on retouched images in media, advertising and product-wrappings.

Bellow is larissa follow up to her statement on this issue:

“As a retoucher I agree that this warning should be placed on images in magazines and mainstream media that have been altered, it is no secret that almost every photo you see in a magazine these days has been retouched. There is generally no recognition for retouch artists for the work we do, so this could possibly work in our favor.

Young people today need to be educated that advertising is about aesthetics, selling a feeling or point of view and is not always meant to be 100% real.

Today there are alterations in everything we see, however we need to draw limits to having such warnings. I don’t want a warning on a piece of art hanging in my house!  As I also work as a Telecine artist, are we going to be putting warnings on tv advertisements? eg  ‘the water seen in this ad for fiji may not be as turquoise in real life’.  There has to be a limit.”

This view is not exactly shared to the “Nth Degree” by everyone here at retouch 🙂  Mind you Larissa does have some valid points.

What are your thoughts?

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September 23, 2009 at 2:47 pm

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